I did an interview for InspirU Coo Coo and I’ve included below my answer to the question ‘describe your illustration process’. For the full interview follow the link.
1 - I choose a theme
‘scruffies’: term I use for the comfy and by no means sexy clothes I wear when working in my home studio.
2 - Research and inspiration
3 - I draw a thumbnail sketch... here is an example of an actual thumbnail sketch and the respective final image
4 - I scan the thumbnail and enlarge it, then print it out and use it as a backbone for the detailed drawing on the light table.
5 - I figure out the perspective points (if relevant). I often tape multiple extensions to the image for the perspective points and use really long rulers.
6 - I draw the basic image in pencil
7 - I then ink the image

8 - Finally, I fill in the texture. I sometimes scan the image and test different lighting gradients on my computer before applying them in ink.
However, when I doodle, I just put pen to paper and try not to think too much.

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